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    Off the label, can Internet + printing really play?

    release time:2019-06-26

      According to statistics, the number of printed e-commerce companies has reached about 300 in 2016, but from the changes in the “2016 China E-commerce Top 20 List”, it can be seen that the phenomenon of “reshrinking while developing” still exists. There are only 8 websites on the list for three consecutive years, accounting for 40%, while some of those who have been on the list have been closed.

      Internet + tags constantly infiltrating

      Although the trend of shuffling has not slowed down, it does not seem to affect the penetration of printed e-commerce into the label field. In the list of “2016 China E-commerce Top 20 List”, there are already 7 companies that can provide stickers. The printing and design services of the labels are: Century Kaiyuan, a picture, business card world, Sunshine Printing Network,, Yunyin, Duoduo, accounting for 35%.

      Into the first "China Printing and Packaging Industry Internet Innovation Product List" e-box, in 2016 launched the "Red Printing 100 Plan", the product line extended to labels and business printing products. The online and offline B2B procurement platform "Printer" also launched a label collection activity, providing one-stop services from inks, consumables, printing equipment, post-press equipment and software.

      Label printing enterprises actively explore

      Compared with the above-mentioned website of the label singer, Guangzhou Meihao Intelligent Printing Co., Ltd. integrates the supply chain, and cooperates with many like-minded large-scale printing factories and industry quality suppliers to jointly create the e-commerce platform of the label printing industry. "Net" (US-India group standard network: Will the Internet become the next hotspot of the label industry?), not only the B2B2C e-commerce trading platform for the label printing industry, but also the standard O2O service.

      Big data brings new opportunities

      Big data has revolutionized a major era, and big data has become a source of new inventions and new services, and more changes are poised for growth. Obtaining big data through various QR codes "entry" has become a battleground for military strategists.

      According to the statistics of "Scanning Code Micro Survey: Focus on Beverage Labels", among the 126 kinds of small drinks with a size of 600mL or less in a large supermarket in Beijing, 43 beverage labels contain two-dimensional codes, accounting for 34.13%.

      In the digital printing label works of the 2016 "Sun Cup" Asian Label Awards, 78.38% of the works printed variable information such as QR code, supervision code, visual code, security fingerprint, search code, random color line.

      Whether it is based on the label printing expertise, it provides QR code labels and smart label printing services for end customers or data platform operators with big data acquisition platforms; or extends the reach to the big data field to provide customers with large Data collection of QR code labels, smart labels and their supporting equipment, software and other full-service; or through the development of software platforms and provide QR code labels, smart label solutions, to hold big data in their hands, and then Providing accurate marketing data analysis and other services for the terminal market is a manifestation of the label printing companies embracing the Internet and further deepening the integration of the Internet and labels.

      Under the new opportunity of "Internet +", whether it can stand out from the crowd and seize the opportunity of this adjustment, test the wisdom of the operators of each label printing enterprise.