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    What should I do if the surface of corrugated cardboard with low weight is not flat?

    release time:2019-06-26

      In China, the weight of paper is getting lighter and lighter, and the surface of corrugated board often has unevenness, which seriously affects the quality of printing. So, what can be done to ensure the flatness of the cardboard surface?

      Corrugated cardboard surface is not flat, in fact, similar to the ribs, it is the feeling of bumps. Generally, everyone will think that this is a problem caused by tension. In fact, tension is important, and it is only part of the cause of the problem, and the amount of paste is the most important. Control the amount of paste to ensure the flatness of the cardboard. Non-woven bag making machine, paper suction machine, paper suction machine

      Paste: Non-woven bag making machine Paper pipetting machine, paper pipe drawing machine

      In the corrugated board production line, the paste roller mesh of the general paste machine is higher than that of the single tile machine. The larger the mesh of the net, the lower the number of nets, and the greater the amount of paste will be, which will increase the amount of paste. When the amount of the paste is increased, the paper of low gram weight will shrink, and a pit phenomenon is formed, which causes unevenness on the surface of the cardboard. Therefore, the amount of the paste can be reduced by increasing the number of meshes, and the unevenness of the surface of the corrugated cardboard can be correspondingly eliminated. Non-woven bag making machine, paper suction machine, paper suction machine

      Under normal circumstances, the cardboard is uneven, and it is necessary to see whether the amount of paste and the paper strength are reasonable. Of course, other aspects that are easily overlooked may also cause such problems, so it is necessary to proceed from the actual situation when the problem arises, so as to develop corresponding improvement measures.