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Automatic non-woven slitting machine

release time:2019-06-26

  I mainly introduce:

  The machine combines the cutting machine and the sewing machine to complete the cutting and sewing operations in one time. It adopts PLC control, automatic feeding, automatic counting, automatic alarm, convenient operation and high efficiency.

  Process flow:

  Automatic lifting---automatic alignment device---feeding---bag flap folding sealing---handle pre-sticking---tension adjustment slitting

  II. Main technical parameters:

  Model XD-SC1200B

  Maximum bag width 1200mm

  Bag thickness range 20-100g

  Maximum bag length 999mm

  Production speed 40-80pcs/min

  Total power 10kw

  Machine weight 2600kg

  Dimensions 5000X2200X1700mm

  • Automatic non-woven slitting machine